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As I have already spoiled you on Instgram last week, I am going to post something different than I used to: an article written by Maria Brașoveanu, a young lady of only 21, with long hair and green eyes, second year journalism student in Bucharest, who also happens to be my cousin. I’m Maria and she’s Maria, I know, there wasn’t much inspiration in our family haha!

Ok, I am not going to keep you from reading any longer, so here you go:

‘’<>.  I can tell that this is the best description to make about the amazing experience we had in Georgia.

Georgia? Yes, a country which isn’t present on many people’s holiday destination bucket list, but let me tell you why Georgia. Well, I had the great opportunity to visit this country thanks to the amazing singer called Maria Ilinca, who was invited to take part in the ,,Discover Silk Road Star’’ festival in Batumi, a great city in Georgia.

What was I doing there? Well, every singer needed a professional team to record and follow them everywhere they went. So I got packing and went for it! I was so nervous about being Maria’s journalist in a foreign country, in such a big festival, so I started wondering: ‘’Will I be able to cope with it? Will I disappoint anyone? What if I won’t be capable of doing it?’’…and many other things that were crossing my mind involuntarily.

As we arrived in Batumi, we started befriending the other participants and having a ‘’cultural exchange’’ to get to know each other better. We met extraordinary people with whom we bonded great friendships, although we were from such different parts of the world. I was surrounded by artists and talented singers, and this aspect motivated me to succeed!

Every contestant had to perform three songs during the three days of the festival: and international hit, a national hit and a Georgian hit. Maria Ilinca chose two amazing melodies: Laura Stoica – Mai frumoasa and Vaya con Dios – Nah neh nah,  and the Georgian one was chosen by the organisation team – Acaq me var.

Maria sang with great emotion and passion, as usual, but when she performed the national song, we felt special and she made us really proud for being Romanian. It was a moment which made my heart skip a beat! I felt a little bit upset about the fact that the Georgian audience did not understand much of the lyrics. We cheered loudly and congratulated Romania’s singer for all of her performances in the festival. The jury was also exhilarated and the marks they gave were very satisfying. 

There were some weak points, to say so, which I could not help but notice. Firstly, the organisers did not know English very well, and that was kind of unpleasing, because we had to consult them in every matter. Secondly, the program was full of surprises, meaning that we were told one hour before that we have to do something. However, I was telling you that I am very proud of my nationality and that I learned how to deal with sudden situations, but I can tell that my team also did an amazing job and, together, we managed to go through each and every organisational. lingual and schedule problem.

I cannot but thank Maria Ilinca for the opportunity of working in a foreign country, for she had believed in me. I appreciate her courage and for her permanent smile and joy. You rock, girl! It was a great pleasure and, by this mean, I tell you that I am looking forward to being part of your next projects!

Hmmm, the conclusion? ‘’Discover Silk Road Star’’ festival in Georgia was a new and unique experience where we got to know different lifestyles, where we were full of happiness, were we experienced freedom and, last but not least, we met extraordinary people!’’

I want to thank you too, Maria (not me, her…) for your constant help and support, as you were the first one to take me out and have fun and you’re the greatest older cousin! LOVE YOU TO THE 14TH FLOOR AND BACK!

And us, darlings…

See you next time!

Marzipan kisses.